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= What is Bail? =

Bail is the means by which the United States criminal justice system permits the release of a defendant from custody, while ensuring that he will appear at all required court proceedings. Let us say that a friend or relative is arrested and booked into jail, for example. Your next step is to contact Valli Bail Bonds right away. Most people are directed to contact a particular agent through a personal referral, while others may search for a bail agent in the phone book or on the Internet. We operate 24 hours a day and are always available to serve you and your loved one during your time of need.

= Will You Post Bail? =

After you contact us, we will contact the jail that is holding your family member or friend, verify the charges, and confirm the bail amount. Then, we will collect basic information from you regarding the imprisoned individual (including the defendant’s age, city of residence, how long they have resided there, his or her place of employment, etc.). Based on this information, we will determine whether or not a bond will be written. If we are willing to take the risk and post bail, we will arrange to meet you at the jail.

= The Bail Application Process in Ohio =

After we arrive at the jail, we will fill out several forms that will be signed by you, as well as the defendant. You will become the co-signer on the bond. As the cosigner, you are responsible for the defendant’s appearance in court until his or her case is complete. One of the forms that will be filled out is the application, one of the most important forms. Some of the information listed will include the charges, court jurisdiction and court dates, along with personal information about the defendant and yourself. Several types of pretrial release bonds are available to enable a defendant to be released from jail while a criminal case is pending.

The Five Main Types of Bail

Surety Bail Bonds

Surety bail bonds involve a private bail system that is implemented by privately licensed bail bond agents, such as Valli Bail Bonds. We post bonds with the court, thereby guaranteeing a defendant’s appearance. The appearance of the defendant becomes the sole responsibility of the bail agent, and is the most effective bail system.

Independent 10% Bonds

The defendant, or someone on his behalf, must pay the court 10% of the full bail amount in order for the defendant to be released. The defendant, and co-signer, if applicable, must sign the bond that guarantees the defendant’s appearance at future court dates.

Professional Property Bonds

When an individual who owns real property receives a license from the state to use their own property as collateral for the clients they post bond for, these are referred to as professional property bonds. Liability written cannot exceed a percentage of the property value and courts monitor these bonds to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds consist of the full amount of the bail paid in cash to the court by the defendant, or the defendant’s agent, in order to secure immediate release. The defendant and the co-signer (if applicable) must sign the bond to guarantee that the defendant will appear at future court dates.

Own Recognizance Bonds

In some cases, this government system enables defendants to swear before the court that they will appear on their own accord (on their recognizance, or legal promise) for all required court dates.

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